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How to Prevent Thinning Locs

How to Prevent Thinning Locs

Thinning locs can be a concern especially if it keeps thinning out. It is no doubt that we lose hair everyday. That is just a natural process but we also grow hair everyday. Hair is one thing that never stops growing. Then why does it seem as if your locs look thinner on top, the parts look wider, or the scalp is becoming more obvious to look at.

That’s because it is. Does it have to be so? No.

Well the first thing to do is to take a picture. Look and look at your hair in the mirror. Second, do a visualization of how it should look. Third, don’t deny it and say to yourself ‘I will fix it’. Fourth, but not least, Say, I am fixing it starting right now.

Understanding why your locs thin out 

The first thing to do is to understand what may be the reasons why your locs are thinning. Thin locs don’t have to happen. I will point out some of the main reasons why people get premature thinning of the hair. Keep in mind there are several more reasons such as male or female pattern baldness known as Alopecia which can come from hereditary or mature aging.

Even in this case, you can slow down the process of losing hair. If you are already saying things like ‘my mother or my dad was bald, or had thinning hair at an early age, therefore it is normal for me to loose hair at an early age;’ You are already in the self denial stage.

Just because they lost some of their hair prematurely, doesn’t mean you have to lose yours too. No, you don’t have to lose yours too.

By the way, hair equals locs, locs equals hair. So, ok, here we go.

Some of the main reasons why locs may become prematurely thin are:

Your DietZinc Deficiency, I list this one first because it is the most common reason why people lose hair quicker than normal, and the hair doesn’t grow back as fast as it could. The locs keep getting thin and thinner. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good diet.

Get your greens and your fruits in. Lean Proteins are also important, after all, your hair is made up of protein. Minerals such as zinc are so important to grow strong hair and to keep the thickness of it.

You can use every hair product in the world but that will not get and keep the hair strong long term.  Did you know that when your body is deficient in minerals, it will pull from other sources in your body like your scalp to acquire it?

You can get your zinc in by eating legumes such as lima beans, green beans and peas, Brussel sprouts, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, asparagus, berries, pomegranates, etc. These are some of the more common everyday foods to get in your minerals.

Without Zinc, a lot of your vitamins won’t get absorbed correctly. You only need 10 to 11 grams of zinc each day as an adult. If you have to take a supplement, make sure it has a little copper for better absorption. Don’t over do it with supplements.

If you are zinc deficient, sometimes there are more tell tale signs than just hair loss. Being over tender headed can be true sign of vitamin deficiency relating to zinc. Zinc helps to transfer signals to the nerve cells and keep your nervous system plus hormones functioning normally in your body. In other words, eliminating bad nerves.

Zinc also helps to maintain the cell membranes and the protein that makes them up. So a lack of zinc may cause scalp conditions and cause hair follicles to die prematurely, which results in hair loss or weakening of the hair.

Sometimes you can notice hair weakness by observing the locs, you will see little white bulbs attached to the roots of the hair. It typically falls into the locs or will come out of the follicle at the time of a shampoo or retightening. This would also be a good time to properly moisturize the scalp. Eventually, thinning locs will start looking thicker.

Lack of Sunlight (Vitamin D) – So notice I mentioned Sunlight before Vitamin D. I have yet to see a picture of one of our ancestors that seemingly had male pattern baldness. What does that tell you?

Hair is something that should always be on our head. However, let’s give it an excuse. Geographical evolution… Anyways, our people do not get enough sunlight. A proven medical fact! I will rate this as a more primary reason for losing hair than medication or stress.

Just 30 minutes in the sun helps to stimulate the sebum in our scalp to kill bacteria and to promote healthier regeneration of the cells. This will also help to reduce stress. Even if your hair or locs are naturally thin it doesn’t have to keep getting thinner. Having sunlight helps those follicles and make them stronger.

Medications and Chemicals –  Locs can become thin and there is no doubt that there are side effects from medication and chemicals. Always research the side effects of your medication and see if that is a culprit for your hair loss. If it is, you can always ask for medications that are less destructive. Chemicals – never over do with chemicals whether it’s color or something else.

Recommended time for color touch-ups on locs are typically every 12 weeks touching up only the new growth. A pull through of color once a year is ok. Conditioning the hair is also important to keep a certain level of moisturization and hydration of the locs. 

Childbirth can cause Locs to thin– Some people do experience rapid hair growth while pregnant, but after childbirth they experience rapid hair loss or locs seem to get more thin than normal. This has a lot to do with hormones. Hair growth typically resume back to normal after a year or so. Continue to eat healthy foods rich in zinc, iron, vitamins A, B, D and E. Hair will come back lush.

Locs are too big and heavy – Sometimes hair loss can be because locks are so heavy it literally pulls the hair prematurely out of the scalp over time. Locs tend to get thinner as it grows. If having thicker locs a choice, then I do recommend keeping it on top of your head as much as possible to prevent gravity from weighing it down and making them thin. Definitely use a sleeping cap for locs at nights.

Too Clean of a Part – So it is ok for locs to be nice and neat with its parts. But also keep in mind if hair doesn’t like to be kept in the parts do not force it it. While some people have a natural hair behavior, that is the hair will continue to grow within the parts, typically a square, oblong, or diamond shape, others prefer to grow freely. Too much over direction may eventually thin or break hair. So sometimes go with the flow of nature. 

Braids/Cornrow Styles – Too much pulling and pinning up can thin out the locks over time. Stick to moderation. These styles on locks should not be an everyday thing. Keep locks loose some of the times.

Stress and Illness can cause locks to get thin – Stress and illness sometimes are understated and undermined. Because of this a myriad of problems including hair loss can occur and can snow ball into bigger problems. Continue to eat healthy and to get sunlight. If there is no sun take a vitamin D supplement which includes D3 on a daily basis. This will ensure less of hair loss and more health. It never hurts to get professional help. Stay spiritual, meditate, and keep positive thoughts. In doing this the positive vibrations will reflect back on you.

Healthy, Strong, Thick, and Beautiful Locs are on its way.  Keep a Rich and Healthy Diet, Lots of sunshine, and meditation. Drink plenty of water!!! Stay Beautiful!!!

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